5 reasons why flexibility is vital to business success

June 15, 2017 - Business Travel, Corporate Travel, supertravelbooker /

Here are 5 ways in which we have helped our clients become more flexible in their approach not just to their business travel requirements, but business in general, and achieving greater success.

5. Have a plan B… and C

Plans and prices can change in a heartbeat, with one usually affecting the other. You may think that business travel destinations depend on the nature of the business, however we are working with an increasing number of companies who first consider the cost of several projects before choosing the definitive destination.

Discuss your options with your travel team, have them sit in on a strategy meeting and give their geographical input on the profitability of your next project.

4. Only use what you need

Do you outsource the management of your business travel or employ a dedicated team to do it? Well, how about a mixture of the two.

Does your travel management company (TMC) offer a business travel implant? That’s an experienced and dedicated business travel consultant in your office exactly when you need them, whether that be a morning a week or every day. On a temporary project based basis or permanently. The important thing to remember is they’re only there when you need them, anything more would be wasted budget.

3. Learn from the last time

The best way in which we learn, is from the past. Your TMC should track and monitor every single journey your business takes, to identify travel trends and increasingly build up a better case to procure lower rates for you.

Some things are just better in person; so ask your TMC or Travel Partner to sit with you and review monthly reports that identify trends and help you make better decisions in the future.

2. Matching cultures

An important part of management is building your entire team to match your companies culture.

With our business travel implant solution – Business Travel at Your Place, we take all this stress away from you by offering the perfect fit. We do this by matching our travel experts with your company culture and embedding them into your DNA. It’s all about you.

1. Empower others

Company policy may not be exciting to some, but it is there for a reason. A travel policy should be an ever evolving document to be at its most effective.

A good TMC will know your travel policy off by heart and continually monitor it to make sure it aligns with your budgets, current travel trends and that it is fit for purpose. There is no such thing as a standard travel policy, as it should be built around your business needs.

This way, you know that you can empower all of your staff by letting them make their own decisions and working with your TMC.

CTI can deliver all of this for your business

We would love to discuss your travel requirements and how we can put our travel expertise at the heart of your business

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