The best and the worst: large UK airports

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This week, Which? Travel magazine published their annual airport customer satisfaction survey results, with Luton airport being named as the worst UK airport for the fifth year running after scoring the lowest ever marks.

Which? Travel said passengers used words including ‘chaos’, ‘crowded’ and ‘rip off’ to describe Luton. A contributing factor to this score may be the airports current £110 million expansion, which it hopes to complete by 2020 and will see it double in size.

Doncaster Sheffield airport came out on top, with a score of 87% for customer satisfaction and winning best airport.

How does it work?

In April/May 2017, Which? asked its members to complete an online survey about their experiences of flying from and to a UK airport. The results are based on 10,532 member experiences. Large airports have 10 million or more terminal passengers every year. Small airports have fewer than 10 million passengers.

“That can’t have helped the appallingly low customer satisfaction score of 29%, but Luton has languished at the bottom of our survey for five years and building work is no excuse for the one-star rating or lack of sufficient seats, shops or toilets and the penny-pinching prices, such as £1 for plastic bags,”

Interestingly, there were only two airports that performed better than their own score last year, Doncaster Sheffield and Southend. Also, only four of the 31 airport terminals in the Which? survey scored more than two out of five stars for the prices in shops and food outlets.

Out of the larger international airports, Heathrow Terminal 5 and Birmingham scored the highest

with a 61% customer satisfaction rating. Heathrow T3 and T4 and Gatwick South only managed 52% with Gatwick’s North Terminal just behind with 51%. Manchester Airport’s scores ranged from just 43% for T3 to 53% for T2.

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