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CTI  has built up an enviable reputation as one of the fastest growing travel management companies in the UK.

Access to the Best Online and Offline Fares

As one of the top Travel Companies in the UK we have access to the best fares in the market place.  This means for point-to-point bookings our online fares are the best available.  But where CTI stands apart is when air bookings are more complex than straight point-to-point bookings, such as multi-leg trips and long-haul flights.

The online price for a flight is not always the cheapest and the more complex the route the more an expert can save, that’s where our Travel Partners come in.

Travel Partners

They use their experience and knowledge to tap into fares from across the globe and using a process we call Active Fare Construction, they are encouraged to look into all avenues open to them to attain the best fares possible.

This is in sharp contrast to virtually all other TMC’s who tend to have large call centres and set processes that encourage the agent to push through as many bookings as possible.  Ultimately this cost you more and results in a lack of compliance as bookers and travellers can often find a better price elsewhere.

Our Airline Relationships

Ask any airline and you will find our reputation to be exemplary.  This is vitally important in today’s environment.  The air market is more complex than ever with airlines looking for new distribution channels for their increasingly sophisticated aircraft.

Our relationships ensure that we are the first point of call for an airline looking to offer new fares and wishing to innovate.

In essence the airlines see us as ‘good people to do business with’, and this directly affects the value we can bring to our clients.

When things go wrong

Volcano’s, terrorist incidents, weather problems, strikes and much more can impact business travel and when they do you need people with influence.  This is where CTI excels.  Our Travel Partners are able to achieve results when other TMC’s cannot.

During, the 10 day volcanic eruption in 2010, we handled and resolved many crises from travellers stranded by other TMC’s, because we had the influence and relationships to make a difference.

Corporate Deals and Corporate Mileage Programmes

One of our first tasks on implementing a new client is to ensure that they have access to all relevant corporate airlines discount schemes in the market.  Often many clients are not aware that these discount schemes exist, but they can bring instant savings for many point-to-point fares.

Also, many clients are not aware that with selected airlines they can sign up for Corporate Mileage Programmes.  These rewards are in addition to the individuals’ frequent traveller rewards and can be used by the company to purchase seats. At CTI we can monitor these miles and advise when they can be used.