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CTI has for many years been recognised in the travel industry as a leading innovator in online hotel bookings and Hotel Programme Management.

Access to the Best Online and Offline Hotel Rates

CTI has access to the best online rates available from all hotels and hotel groups and we also have access to promotional rates.

However, not all the best hotel rates are available online. In fact the online rates are indicative of how busy the hotel is, so when availability is good the rates are good, but when availability is poor, which is often the case for business bookings in key locations, the online rates start to climb.

The reason for this is that the online rates often carry higher commissions and distribution costs to the hotel, so they ‘close out’ on the lower rates when they are busy and offer only the higher rates to maximize their ‘yield’.

At CTI we monitor and know what a good rate at a hotel is. If the hotels’ online rates start to climb then our Hotel Reservation Partners take over negotiating directly with the hotel for the best offline deal.

Hotel Partners

As with travel, CTI Hotels employs Hotel Partners, experienced hotel negotiators many of whom have worked in hotels themselves and know the ‘tricks of the trade’ and how to get the best rate on the day.

In busy times when online rates are high, our Hotel Partners are negotiating to save our clients money and to ensure they get the best deal.

This is in sharp contrast to many TMC’s who see hotel bookings as an online transaction, so book the first online rate available. Ultimately it is you, the client, who pays for their lack of rigour in chasing down the best rate.

Hotel Programme Management

Where a client has significant hotel expenditure we create a hotel programme for them by negotiating with hotels directly based on information about expenditure and locations.

We negotiate thousands of rates each year for companies such as BT so we bring this experience to bear in ensuring that we get competitive rates for our clients.

These client-negotiated rates are your ceiling rates at the hotel, and when lower promotional offers are available we book those instead. The result is a lower average rate and better availability as we always negotiate ‘Last Room Availability’ on any client rate.

For new clients with an existing hotel programme we will review and compare your rates against what we know is a good rate in the market.  We will then if possible re-negotiate better rates.

Once a hotel programme is established we do not stop there. Through our Active Rate Management process we constantly review hotel booking activity and trends to identify areas for further savings and negotiate new client rates where we see the opportunity.

Hotel Rates – Added Extras

When negotiating rates we will always look to add-in other extra benefits, such as free Wi-Fi, parking, free shuttle bus, breakfast etc.

In fact we have built entire bespoke hotel programmes for many clients based on their reciprocal arrangements with hotels, such as hotels using BT Wi-Fi or hotels who serve a particular product of the client.

Bill Back

CTI Hotels offers the most comprehensive Bill Back capability within the industry.  The depth of capability and flexibility is unparalleled.

Bill Back is an excellent method of paying hotel bills and delivers many benefits to our clients including:

  • Consolidating hotel (and travel) invoices.
  • Controlling traveller expenditure.
  • Managing cash-flow.
  • Improving traveller and booker compliance.
  • Taking cost out of your payment process.

The formatting of invoices can be precisely matched to your requirements and automated with your payment and invoicing systems. Many of our clients have saved significant amounts using our Bill Back service.