CTI launches Business Travel Well Being checks for travellers

February 22, 2018 - Business Travel, Corporate Travel, Media and Press / wellbeing

Press Release:

CTI launches Business Travel Well Being checks for travellers

New range of packages include pre-trip screening and health coaching

London, 22 February 2018: CTI, the leading business travel provider, has today launched Business Travel Well Being – a range of health packages designed to ensure business travellers leave in the best possible health and stay well whilst conducting business abroad.

Launched in conjunction with 360Exec, the range of options available to employees include pre-trip diagnostic screening and wellbeing consultations, with each employee being able to log into a personal and confidential follow-up report via an online portal.

In addition to a full hour-long 360-degree health check, employees can also opt for a shorter, non-invasive screening that includes Bodystat measures, nutritional status, fat-free mass, body fat and fluid shifts inside the body.

As part of the new venture, CTI will also be offering customers health and wellbeing seminars for up to 50 employees to share advice on how to combat jetlag, manage diet while travelling and reduce stress through diet.

Clive Wratten, Chief Executive of CTI, said: “The role of travel managers today is as much about ensuring their colleagues arrive ready to do business and stay productive whilst away as getting them from A to B – from booking sensible flight times to selecting the right accommodation. Business Travel Well Being will give our customers a powerful way to help employees stay well abroad – as well as making sure that those not well enough to travel stay home.

“This new range of products is all part of CTI’s commitment to be a trusted partner to the companies we work with. We understand the impact that sickness, stress and jetlag can have on a company’s operations when staff regularly travel for work, and are excited about how this new partnership can help boost productivity for our customers and ensure healthier, happier employees.”

The range of packages launched by CTI includes the following options:


Product Details
Executive Plus Package: £399 per executive ·         1 hour diagnostic programme

·         1 hour initial feedback and follow up consultation

·         Full personal and confidential 360-degree health report


Executive Package: £250.00 per executive ·         15 minute diagnostic test

·         45 minute consolation with an expert clinical nutritionist


Travel Well Being Seminars: £899.00 ·         2 hour in-depth health and well-being coaching session for up to 50 employees


Nutritional & well being 1-2-1 consultations: £200 per hour ·         1:2:1 consultations with full clinical testing either as follow up to the packages above independently


An additional feature designed to appeal to travel managers is the option to review anonymised benchmarking on employee wellbeing alongside industry averages, allowing companies to monitor the impact of employee sickness across the workforce.