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3D Analytix from CTI

3D Analytix is our vibrant data management suite that provides you with on-demand access to daily data via intuitive online dashboards, reports and interactive data publications.

This new development is part of our mission to become the trusted travel partner for business travel, delivering premium levels of service combined with world class technology.

Track, Analyse, Act

Not only do we automatically track all of your travel data but we can also back-load your historical travel data to help you gain a profound understanding from day 1. This includes data from all CTI booking platforms. This way we are able to provide the latest information to when you need it the most.

3D Analytix gives you the latest information when you ask for it, data is compiled, processed and turned into a dynamic report in seconds. And, what’s more, as long as you have a PC or mobile with an internet connection you can access the data anywhere in the world at any time. The customisable dashboards make it easy to access the information that matters, and with comprehensive drill-downs into the details; you get a much deeper understanding of your business travel trends.

Once you have your data it’s time to do something about it! 3D Analytix allows you to create customised reports, from which route is costing the most to who has the biggest carbon footprint.

Bring your travel data to life

Our Client Partnership Managers have years of travel experience between them, meaning they’ll be able to advise on the best methods and solutions to help drive savings and increase ROI on your business travel.

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