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Introducing PLANNET, the easy way to book hotels, rail, flights, car hire, and ground transportation online.

Why your travellers will love it:

  • Simplicity:
    With everything in one place, there is no room for confusion when it comes to booking travel.
  • Complete Solution:
    Hotels, rail, flights, car hire and ground transportation are all bookable via a single sign-on.
  • Time saving:
    Access to every option in one place saves time, instead of shopping around for deals. Booking for multiple travellers at once is also supported, easing the process for travel bookers.

Plus there are real advantages to your company

  • Control:
    You control the content that can be accessed. Hotel rate caps, class of travel exemptions and more.
  • Management:
    The PLANNET authorisation system means that you are in total control of your travel spend.

And it’s not just our content that you can book!

PLANNET is as flexible as you need it to be and can pull in content from multiple online suppliers as well as direct from the airlines themselves.

flight reservations

PLANNET displays all CTI content alongside your corporate fares. As Airlines move to Direct Connect PLANNET is ready to take APIs, so you can see everything in once place.

hotel reservations

As well as your own corporate rates and CTI’s rates PLANNET also includes content from all major suppliers such as Hotels. com, Expedia, and Premier Inn.

car hire reservations

All major car-hire partners included PLUS your own corporate deals can be loaded. Additional content provides you with point-to-point car transfers, taxis and chauffeurs.