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What makes CTI different from other travel companies? Well to start, we are the world’s first TPC – a Travel Partnership Company. We believe in partnering with companies and suppliers to offer a truly bespoke travel solution that works for you. But what really separates us from the rest is all of the extras included in our service; this is achieved via our unique partnerships which enable us to make your life easier and safer.


Ways to book

At CTI we don’t like to be bossy and tell you how you should book your travel. But as part of our travel diagnostic, we will deep-dive into your company’s travel DNA and put together a programme with you, that works for you


Ways to pay

We want to make the administration of your payments as easy and flexible as possible, which is why we offer a range of payment options including our world leading partner AirPlus


Hotel Programme Management

The technical industry phrase is: hotel procurement and rate negotiation. But, we are not that keen on corporate jargon. What we are keen on is making it our priority to find the right place for the right price


Airline Loyalty Programme Management

How many free flights or upgrades has your company missed out on? How many times have you paid more for flights than you needed to?

business travel your place

Business Travel at Your Place

Some things are just better in person – that’s why we created a unique service. We match our travel experts with your company culture and embed them into the heart of your business


Business Travel Marketplace

We’ve partnered with some of the smartest and most cutting-edge companies to bring you a growing list of innovative products. It’s the easy way to boost your travel programme and add value for your

vat reclaim

Hotel VAT Reclaim

Most companies only recover a fraction of VAT charges on their corporate travel which will eat up a huge proportion of your travel budget. That’s why we developed our VAT Recovery Service.

air delay comp

Air Disruption Compensation

Since partnering with AirRefund, CTI have identified over £500,000 of compensation for our existing clients


Female Business Travel Safety

From theft to assault, one in four female business travellers have experienced an incident while on company business travel. That’s why CTI takes female travel safety very seriously


Business Travel MasterCard

We now offer free corporate MasterCards with no annual fee, no overseas transaction fee and unrivalled low ATM withdrawal fee


Private Jet Hire

Whether it’s travelling to difficult-to-reach places, or getting your entire Board on the same flight, sometimes scheduled services aren’t the answer

And so many more…

We could go on and on about our huge number of trusted partnerships because we are very proud of them, but we don’t want to bore you with the details for now so please contact us to find out more…

We don’t manage, we partner

We’ve mentioned that we are a travel partnership company, but what exactly does it mean and why do we keep banging on about it? Put simply, we are partners to our clients (people like you), partners to our suppliers (who you fly with and the places you stay), and partners to our team of CTI travel experts. That means we can use this trusted network of worldwide partnerships, to create seamless travel options for your business.

We say NO to call centres

We don’t believe in call centres or rushed bookings.

Our approach is much more personal, professional, and detailed. Our experts love to talk travel. They will always take their time, whether your trip is big or small. And you’ll have conversations with real human beings. Something that’s not that common these days in our techy world. They will work hard behind the scenes to create the very best travel solutions for your company.

We are trusted and loved by our clients because of this hands-on, personal approach that you won’t get from our competitors!

Why choose between Online or Offline?

Did you know that online bookings may not be cheaper? Or that they can cost you more later on? Sounds confusing, doesn’t it?

That’s why we are here to make your life easier.

We’re tech geeks at heart and we have the very latest online booking tools – including  PLANNETConcur Travel to help us get you around the world at the click of a button.

We love travel and most of all, we love to talk about it. Our team of highly knowledgeable, but friendly experts are at the end of the phone, waiting to talk travel with you. They’ll ask you a few questions and get to know your plans in detail. Then, using their industry expertise, they’ll track down the perfect trip and price for you.

They are essentially living, breathing search engines. Not only that, they want to get to know your travel personality and become part of your travel DNA

Get in touch

Whether you think we could make a great partnership, or just have a question about your next trip, our experts love to talk travel!

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